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Medicine at the Crick: Autophagy and Medicine: Maintaining health and preventing disease

Online/The Francis Crick Institute, London, UK


This event is part of The Francis Crick Institute's 'Medicine at the Crick' series, which showcases major advances in biomedical science and raises awareness of the medical implications of major scientific advances. Each event comprises a series of talks and a panel discussion.

The 7th event in the series 'Autophagy and Medicine: Maintaining health and preventing disease' will take place on Thursday 1 July from 14:00 - 18:15 BST. It will be hosted by Dr Rupert Beale and includes a keynote talk from Dr Herbert (Skip) Virgin of Vir Biotechnology Inc. Government guidelines allowing, this will be hosted as a hybrid event with a limited in-person audience joined by others online.

Autophagy is a process by which cells engulf their own contents and digest them – literally self-eating. It plays multiple roles in maintaining homeostasis by for example generating nutrients, removing damaged cellular structures and targeting pathogens. Components of the autophagy machinery can be co-opted for other functions, including by pathogens. Despite its role in many pathophysiological processes, we are only just beginning to understand how it can be manipulated to enhance health and prevent disease. The 7th event in our series presents an overview of autophagy and its functions, and a state of the art review of the roles of autophagy in neurodegeneration, infection and immunity.

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Confirmed speakers:

  • Dr Herbert (Skip) Virgin, Vir Biotechnology Inc
  • Dr Sharon Tooze, The Francis Crick Institute
  • Prof Katja Simon, University of Oxford
  • Prof David Rubinsztein, University of Cambridge

Host: Dr Rupert Beale, The Francis Crick Institute