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Medicine at the Crick - Neuroimmunology of the gut: new directions and new challenges

The Francis Crick Institute, London


The new Medicine at the Crick event series showcases major advances in biomedical science and raises awareness of the medical implications of major scientific advances amongst the Crick and wider UK biomedical community. 

The fourth event in the series, Neuroimmunology of the gut: new directions and new challengeswill take place on Thursday 20 June 2019 at The Francis Crick Institute, London.

It will review recent advances in understanding the cross-talk between the immune system of the gut and the local nervous system and how it contributes to intestinal homeostasis and host defence. The event will also report ground-breaking studies on the roles of the microbiota and the tissue environment of the gut in brain function. In addition to presenting exciting breakthroughs that advance our fundamental understanding of neuro-immune communication, the symposium will also highlight emerging challenges and opportunities in translating experimental progress into clinical science and designing novel therapeutic strategies for the benefit of patients.

The event will be hosted by Dr Vassilis Pachnis from the Crick and the keynote lecture will be given by Prof Guy Boeckxstaens from KU Leuven. Other speakers include ​​​​​​Dr David Artis (Cornell University), Dr Daniel Mucida (The Rockefeller University), Dr Franze Progatzky (The Francis Crick Institute), Dr Thomas Fung (University of California, Los Angeles) and Prof Marco Prinz (University of Freiburg).

Please visit the event page for the full programme and register via Eventbrite to order your free tickets for the event.  Please send any questions to: