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Metabolic control of innate immune cells during pulmonary Type 2 inflammation

Dendritic cell


This webinar from our Regional & Affinity Group series is brought to you by the BSI Immunometabolism Affinity Group. This session will be presented by Professor Andrew MacDonald on Thursday 8 July from 15:00 to 15:45 BST.

Fine control of immune cell activation is critical for preventing inflammatory disease, particularly in barrier sites such as the lung. However, the central mechanisms involved in regulating pulmonary innate cell activation during Type 2 inflammation are currently poorly understood. This webinar will explore how the lung environment alters alveolar macrophage and dendritic cell metabolism during Type 2 inflammation.

Speaker: Professor Andrew MacDonald, Professor of Immunology, University of Manchester

Professor MacDonald's Group at the University of Manchester is investigating how lung macrophages and dendritic cells respond during Type 2 inflammation or following allergen exposure or helminth infection. They have found that the lung environment dramatically alters alveolar macrophages metabolism and their ability to respond and alternatively activate during Type 2 inflammation, in comparison to macrophages from other tissue sites. Interrogation of the relative importance of metabolism, mucins, surfactant and the host microbiota in regulating this process has revealed metabolic substrate use and/or availability as a dominant mechanism controlling these key innate cells during pulmonary Type 2 inflammation. Ongoing work is continuing to address these concepts, focussing on both macrophages and dendritic cells.

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The BSI Regional & Affinity Group webinar series is supported by Miltenyi Biotec.