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Oxford Symposium 2019

Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford, Andrew Wiles Building, Radcliffe Observatory Quarter (550), Woodstock Road, Oxford, OX2 6GG
Tuesday, 23 April, 2019 - 09:00 to Wednesday, 24 April, 2019 - 17:00


The British Society for Immunology's Oxford Immunology Group is pleased to collaborate with the University of Oxford Immunology Network to present a two-day showcase of the fantastic immunology research happening across Oxford.

With a diverse range of disciplines and technologies on display, from fundamental biology, infection and imaging to informatics, experimental medicine and therapeutics, there will be plenty of opportunity for cross-disciplinary collaboration and networking.


Day 1 - Tuesday 23 April

8.00-9.00 Registration with tea, coffee and pastries

Chairs: Quentin Sattentau and Alexandra Spencer

9.00-9.10 Welcome address - Doug Brown (CEO, BSI)
9.10-9.40 Prof Alison SimmonsHow individual cells contribute to colonic inflammation in IBD
9.40-10.10 Prof Ian Mills: Roles for the innate immune response in prostate cancer progression
10.10-10.30 Emily Thornton – selected talk: Commensal-reactive, IL-23 responsive T cells promote gut barrier immunity
Coffee break 
11.00-11.30 Prof Richard Cornall: Zinc and Human Immunodeficiency
11.30-12.00 Prof Persephone Borrow: Identification of novel MHC-I epitope targets for CD8 T cells on HIV-infected cells
12.00-12.40 Lightning Poster Talks
Lunch with poster viewing (odd numbers)

Chairs: Susanna Dunachie and Anita Milicic​

13.45-14.45 KEYNOTE: Dr Michelle Linterman, Babraham Institute: Rejuvenating the ageing immune system
14.45-15.15 A/Prof Teresa Lambe: Vaccines against outbreak pathogens
Coffee break
15.45-16.05 Rebeca Arroyo Hornero – selected talk: CD70 expression renders human regulatory T cells dysfunctional
16.05-16.20 Prof Leif Sander – ​Charité, Universitätsmedizin Berlin: Dead or alive: sensing microbial viability and its role in vaccine responses
16.20-16.35 Dr Christoph Klose –  Charité, ​Universitätsmedizin Berlin: Interleukin-33-mediated induction of the enzyme tryptophan hydroxylase 1 promotes inflammatory ILC2 responses and type 2 immunity
16.35-17.05 Prof Len Seymour: Using oncolytic viruses for tumour-targeted cancer immunotherapy
17.00-19.00 Poster session and networking 

Day 2 - Wednesday 24 April

Chairs: Michael Dustin and Louise Johnson

9.00-10.00 KEYNOTE: Prof Daniel Davis, University of Manchester: Using Super-resolution Microscopy to Watch Immune Cells Kill
10.00-10.30 Prof Helen Byrne: Using mathematics to find the common denominators in atherosclerosis and cancer
Coffee break with poster viewing
11.00-11.20 Alastair Corbin – selected talk: IRF5 promotes intestinal inflammation via programming a proinflammatory CD11c+ macrophage phenotype
11.20-11.50 A/Prof Ana Domingos
11.50-12.05 Dr Matthew MacKenzie, Miltenyi Biotech: Stain, Sort, REALease, Repeat. Combining the MACSQuant Tyto and REALease Antibodies
12.05-12.20 Louise Modis, GSK: The GSK Immunology Network; A novel model industry-academia collaboration
12.20-13:00 Lightning poster talks
Lunch with poster viewing (even numbers)

Chairs: Paul Klenerman and Jan Rehwinkel

14.00-14.15 Prof Chiara Romagnani –  Charité, ​Universitätsmedizin Berlin: Peptide-specificity of adaptive NK cells
14.15-14.30 Dr Antigoni Triantafyllopoulou –  Charité, ​Universitätsmedizin Berlin: Innate Immune Regulation of Lupus Nephritis
14.30-14.50 Dr Alex Clarke: B cell immune metabolism
14.50-15.10 Gareth Purvis – selected talk: Ibrutinib inhibits macrophage NF-kB and NLRP3 inflammasome activity and reduces high-fat-diet induced insulin resistance and microvascular disease
Coffee break 
15.40-16.00 Prof Christopher Buckley: Targeting fibroblasts in Immune Mediated Inflammatory Diseases
16.00-16.30 Prof Matt Higgins: Structure-guided steps towards a rational malaria vaccine
16.30-16.40 Summing up and prize giving

Abstract submission

Delegates are encouraged to submit abstracts on their work for presentation at the meeting. A small number of abstracts will be selected for short talks and there will be a prize for the best poster presentation. The deadline to submit your 200 word abstract is 15 March 2019. Please submit your abstract via our Google Docs form.


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