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Single-cell sequencing technologies and the immune response in different species

Illustration of DNA molecules with a genetic sequence overlayed


The BSI Comparative and Veterinary Immunology Group are delighted to host a half-day online symposium on the topic 'Single-cell sequencing technologies and the immune response in different species' on Thursday 8 September 2022 from 13:00 to 17:00 BST.

Until recently, high-throughput analysis of single cells in immunology relied on polychromatic flow cytometry using fluorochrome-labelled antibodies against CD-markers and other molecules involved in immune cell function. Newly developed single-cell sequencing technologies permit analysis of the transcriptome, T and B cell receptor repertoire and chromatin accessibility.

In this half-day online event, speakers working on different species will demonstrate how they deploy these technologies to unravel the immune response. The latest developments in the field, tips and tricks, and what we can learn from single-cell sequencing for comparative immunology will be discussed.

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Chair: Dr Wilhelm Gerner, The Pirbright Institute, UK

13:00 – 13:05 | Welcome and introduction to the webinar Dr Wilhelm Gerner

13:05 – 13:35 | "Cell type- and time-dependent biological responses in whole human lung model to study SARS-Cov-2 infection ex vivo, Part 1: biological results" – Dr Isabelle Schwartz, INRAE, France

13:35 – 14:05 | "Cell type- and time-dependent biological responses in whole human lung model to study SARS-Cov-2 infection ex vivo, Part 2: bio-statistical strategies" – Dr Thien-Phong Vu Manh, CIML, France

14:05 – 14:35 | "Mapping naive T cell activation by single-cell transcriptomics and signalling measurements in the mouse" – Dr Arianne Richard, Babraham Institute, UK

14:35 – 14:50 | Break

Chair: Dr Kate Sutton, The Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh, UK

14:50 – 15:20 | "Integrating TCR repertoire approaches to address specific biological questions" – Dr Adrian L. Smith, University of Oxford, UK

15:20 – 15:50 | "Deciphering clonal expansion, transcriptomic changes and chromatin modulation of CD8 T lymphocytes during bovine malignant catarrhal fever using bulk and single-cell RNA sequencing" – Professor Benjamin Dewals FRS FNRS, University of Liege, Belgium

15:50 – 16:20 | "Combining single-cell and whole antibody repertoire approaches to analyse the FMDV-specific antibody response in cattle" – Dr Marie di Placido, The Pirbright Institute, UK

16:20 – 16:30 | Break

Chairs: Dr Kate Sutton and Dr Wilhelm Gerner

16:30 – 17:00 | Panel discussion with all speakers and audience


This meeting is free for BSI members. Non-members will be charged £15Book your place here.

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