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The STEM Village Immunology Seminar Series

BSI supported event
LGBTQ Pride rainbow flag
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The British Society for Immunology is delighted to support a new immunology seminar series from The STEM Village. This seminar series provides a platform for LGBTQ+ immunologists to present their research to the wider immunology community.

Check out the programme of seminars below and register for free on Eventbrite to hear cutting-edge research from an international group of LGBTQ+ immunologists!

Seminar 1 | Monday 26 September, 16:00 BST

Speaker 1: Alexander Cocker, Stanford University, USA, "Chronic viral infections and the CD56-CD16+ NK cell subset"

Speaker 2: Edan Foley, University of Alberta, Canada, "Immune Regulation of Intestinal Stem Cell Responses to Acute Stress"

Speaker 3: Christopher Cowley, The Rockefeller University, USA, "Establishment, maintenance, and recall of inflammatory memory in epithelial stem cells"


Seminar 2 | Monday 10 October, 16:00 BST

This webinar was due to take place on Monday 19 September but has been postponed in light of the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

Keynote: Bryan Bryson, MIT, USA. "Engineering the Host-Pathogen Interface"


Seminar 3 | Monday 24 October, 16:00 BST

Keynote: Susan Schlenner, KU Leuven, Belgium (title to be confirmed)


Seminar 4 | Monday 7 November, 16:00 BST

This webinar was originally due to take place on Monday 17 October but was postponed due to technical issues.

Speaker 1: Harriet Hill, University of Birmingham, UK (title to be confirmed)

Speaker 2: Pablo Peñaloza-MacMaster, Northwestern University, USA (title to be confirmed)

Speaker 3: Tristram Ryan, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland (title to be confirmed)

Click here to register on Eventbrite.