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UKPIN hosted webinar sponsored by Takeda: Primary Immunodeficiency and COVID-19


In this session, Dr James Thaventhiran will review data on the development of immune responses to SARS CoV-2 and discuss how these responses translate to Primary Immunodeficiency (PID) patients. Dr Alex Richter will present emerging real-world data on the impact of COVID-19 to PID patients and Dr Dennis McGonagle and Dr Austen Worth will present data on complications of the hyperinflammatory phase of the disease to adults and children respectively and discuss emerging lessons about current and future treatments tailored to PID patients.

This webinar is a non-promotional meeting organised by UKPIN and sponsored by Takeda. Takeda has reviewed all content for accuracy and were involved in the selection of speakers in collaboration with UKPIN.

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Please note that to view this webinar you must confirm that you are a Healthcare Professional and/or working in the field of Immunology or a related field.