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West Midlands Immunology Group: Intestinal Inflammation & Microbiota

E coli bacteria
Great Hall, Aston Webb, University of Birmingham

The BSI West Midlands Immunology Group symposium is planned for the 18 April 2018 and will have the theme of “Intestinal inflammation and microbiota”.

Topics covered will include how the immune system and commensal microbes interact in the context of health and disease; how dendritic cells respond to infectious or inflammatory stimuli and the roles they play in the induction and polarization of adaptive immune responses against pathogens; how the innate immune pathways regulate inflammation at mucosal barrier tissue sites and how the macrophages are involved in intestinal inflammation.

Top immunologists in the field will be on hand to present.

Keynote Speakers include:
Professor Tim Willinger Department of Medicine, Huddinge, Karolinska Institutet
Professor Simon Milling University of Glasgow
Dr Matthew Hepworth The University of Manchester
Dr Calum Bain from The University of Edinburgh

In addition, exceptional immunologists from the West Midlands such as Kendle Maslowski, Ed Rainger, Andrew Beggs and Graham Wallace will also present their exciting work.


Talks from the West Midlands area will be also selected on scientific merit and will provide an opportunity for both principal investigators as well as junior researchers to present their exciting new data. There will be also a poster display of submitted abstracts. The abstract submission deadline is Friday 16 February 2018

Abstracts for this meeting can be submitted to


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