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Yorkshire Immunology Group Annual Symposium

Department of Biology, University of York, UK


The Yorkshire Immunology Group (YIG) is a Regional Group of the British Society for Immunology. This year, the Yorkshire Immunology Group will hold its Annual Symposium at the University of York. The meeting will showcase a variety of local and external speakers at all career stages, covering a wide range of areas of immunological interest, from basic science to clinical studies.



10:00 Welcome

10:30 HIV gp120 in lungs of ART-treated individuals impairs alveolar macrophage responses to pneumococci - Paul Colini (Sheffield)
10:50 Monocyte, IL-10 and Leishmania: the good, the bad and the ugly - Audrey Romano (York)
11:05 Overactivation of the unfolded protein response in cystic fibrosis - Samuel Lara Reyna (Leeds)
11:20 Metabolic mechanisms of cytokine regulation in intestinal helminth infection - Georgia Perona-Wright (University of Glasgow)

12:00 Lunch and poster session

13:30 A calcium-based correlative and quantitative imaging approach to study immune synapse formation with primary cell cultures - Nathalie Signoret (York)
13:50 Selection of IL-7R alpha chain binding Affimers - Daniel Perez Witzke (Leeds)
14:05 A bacterial toxin that promotes host survival induces DNA damage and senescence in replicating cells - Angela Ibler (Sheffield)
14:20 Distinct modes of NK cell activation by IL-10 and IL-15 - Sarah Philips (Leeds)
14:35 BCL6, MYC and the Germinal Centre Reaction; What Are We MIZing? - Dinis Calado (Francis Crick Institute) 

15:15 Refreshment break

16:00 Manipulating innate immunity in the skin; using a cream to prevent Zika? - Clive McKimmie (Leeds) 
16:20 The effects of Staphylococci on normal and atopic skin - Virginia Pappa (Leeds)
16:35 Post-transcriptional regulation of PD-L1 in primary and cancer cells - Daniel Yee (York)
16:50 Integration of transcriptional and RNA decay/translational control by signal transduction pathways in lymphocytes - Martin Turner (Babraham Institute) 

17:35 Networking reception


This meeting is free to attend, however delegates are required to pre-register online.


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