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BSI Congress 2019 Carers' Grant

The British Society for Immunology is proud to announce our inaugural Carers’ Fund for attendance at the 2019 BSI Congress from 2-5 December 2019 in Liverpool. The Fund is being established to provide members with a grant of up to £300 to support them to attend Congress with the aim of contributing towards these additional costs of care when attending the meeting.

Application deadline

The deadline for applications to this grant scheme is Friday 11 October 2019. Any applications received after this time cannot be accepted.


The maximum amount awarded through this grant scheme is £300.


To be eligible to apply:

  • Applicants need to be a fully paid up member of the BSI when applying for the grant
  • All applicants must to be in good standing with their annual membership subscriptions when receiving the grant
  • Applicants must register for Congress before the grant is issued

How to apply

Please email a completed application form and your submitted abstract to our Education & Careers Officer, Eolan Healy.


Download application form (Word)

Download application form (PDF)


Terms and conditions


  • The grant must be used towards the costs associated with additional care for the applicant themselves or the people that the applicant cares for, i.e. not care that would be in place irrespective of the meeting.
  • The grant is not limited to childcare and can include a) additional care costs for any dependent of the applicant, e.g. elderly relative, b) assistance with travel, e.g. if dependent needs to accompany the applicant to Congress.
  • It should be noted that the grant is not intended to cover the full costs of care and applicants are encouraged to obtain additional funding from elsewhere. 
  • Applications must be submitted by no later than 11 October 2019, though earlier application is strongly advised. If successful, applicants will be informed as soon as possible, and they will then need to register for Congress before being issued with a grant. 
  • Applications will be processed in date order from when they are received, with a limited number of grants available and with only one application per member allowed. 
  • The grant award will be up to a maximum of £300 per applicant. 
  • Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.


  • Proof of Registration to be received before the grant is paid
  • The BSI will pay all successful awards directly to your bank account


Please note that failure to comply with the terms and conditions may result in the Society to asking for monies awarded to be refunded and/or future applications denied.