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IUIS 2019 travel grants

The British Society for Immunology is delighted to offer special travel awards of up to £1,000 to BSI members wishing to attend the 17th International Congress of Immunology (IUIS 2019) taking place on 19-23 October 2019 in Beijing China. Please read the information below and contained on the application form carefully.

Application deadline

The deadline for applications to this grant scheme is Wednesday 5 June 2019. Any applications received after this time cannot be accepted. 


The maximum amount awarded through this grant scheme is £1,000.

How to apply

Please email a completed application form, along with the abstract you have submitted to IUIS 2019 and a letter of support from your Head of Department/Supervisor to Sarah Green at  

Download application form (PDF)

Download application form (Word)

Terms and conditions

1. All the Travel Award and Fellowship schemes operated by the BSI attract large numbers of applications. Awards are recommended by the Travel Awards Panel who assess the competitive merit of the applications. In addition, the distribution of awards operates in favour of early career applicants in accordance with BSI policy. The awards panel’s decision is final and not subject to appeal

2. Applications can only be assessed on the basis of the information provided. It is important therefore that all sections of the form are completed in full to provide the details required.

3. The Travel Award panel would expect any applicant to be participating in IUIS in an official capacity e.g. having submitted or presenting an abstract or chairing a session. Whether or not an abstract has been submitted and/or accepted must be indicated. Copies of abstracts should be included and it is essential that the presenter is clearly identified.

4. All applications must be countersigned by the Head of Department or, for students, their immediate supervisor, who in doing this, is confirming permission for the proposed activity and is validating the accuracy of the information on the form. A letter of support from your Head of Department/Supervisor is essential. For this reason, please show this document to your Head of Department on requesting the signature.

5. The deadline for receipt is absolute and it is the applicant’s responsibility to get the completed form to the BSI on or before the deadline date. Late submissions will not be accepted.

6. Incomplete applications will not be considered for support.

7. Only one application per person should be submitted.

8. Conditions for eligibility are that

  1. applicants must be up to date with their BSI membership subscription at time of application.
  2. applicants must have been a member for at least twelve months before the deadline date for applications, or have a multi-year membership.

9. The Society’s aim is to support as many members as possible through travel awards. Applicants who have already received an award within one year of the deadline date will be scored accordingly to the points system .

10. You need to send proof of registration at  IUIS 2019 to us before we can pay out the award.  This should be sent to note, if you do not send this to us, we will be unable to pay you the award.  The BSI will then pay the award directly to your bank account by bank transfer we will be in touch at a latter date for these details.

11. Recipients of Travel Awards are required to submit a brief report (200 words maximum) on the activities carried out with the support of the Award. This should be submitted to the BSI Office ( by 30 November 2019. Failure to do so will be taken into account with future applications.

12.  Successful recipients are also asked to acknowledge the BSI for their financial support on their poster and/or oral presentation as well as displaying the BSI logo. Logos are available from

13. Funds are awarded on the understanding that they are used for the purpose stated in the application.  If support is obtained elsewhere or any part of the grant is unused, the balance should be refunded to the British Society for Immunology.

14. The Society will use information provided in the application for processing the application, making any consequential award, for the payment, monitoring, maintenance and review of the Award, and general Society business

Please note that failure to comply with the terms and conditions may result in the Society to asking for monies awarded to be refunded and/or future applications denied

If you have any queries about this award scheme, please email our Membership Manager, Sarah Green