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Immunology Educators

These pages consist of immunology educator profiles from some of the leading immunologists currently working in UK higher education. Immunology teachers have volunteered to be included on this section of the BSI website, which is a valuable resource which can only be accessed by BSI members by logging into our website through the membership portal.

The profiles have been put together to be an informative guide on some of the techniques currently being used in higher education teaching. They can be accessed to gain insight into how immunology as a subject is being taught and can be used as a tool to find immunology educators working in a particular area or subject.

Profiles can be searched according to name, affiliation, teaching method and research area, or alternatively you can scroll through all the profiles to see the full range of immunology educators who have contributed to the site.

If you are an immunology educator (and a BSI member) and you would like your profile to appear on this section of the website, please contact our Education & Careers Officer, Eolan Healy, who will be able to send you a template questionnaire to fill in so your profile can be added or you can download it.  

Download the template (Word)

Download the template (PDF)


*The opinion and views given in these profiles are those of the individuals and not the BSI as an organisation. The BSI is not liable for any incorrect information that may be contained in these profiles. 

Immunology educator profiles
Teacher profiles from immunologists working in higher education institutes. Read about their expertise and learn about the innovative ways immunology is taught. We have profiles from immunology educators working in educational institutes across the UK. The information has been provided by the educators themselves and contains links to further information as well as contact details. You must be a BSI member to view these pages.