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Joint BSI-NCRI webinar: What do cancer B cells see?

This is a Regional & Affinity Group series webinar brought to you by the BSI Tumour Immunology Group and NCRI.

This session was the second of a series of joint BSI-NCRI webinars: "Immune repertories in cancer: T and B cells”. This webinar explored the frontiers of research into B cells in cancer, with talks from B cell repertoire experts Professor Brad Nelson (Deeley Research Centre, Canada) and Dr Dmitriy Chudakov (Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Russia). Professor Brad Nelson explained his work on tumour-infiltrating memory B cells and plasma cells, their clonality in tumours and associations with tertiary lymphoid structures. Professor Dmitriy Chudakov closed the session, speaking about computational profiling of the B cell repertoire and immunoglobulin isotype dominance in mutational subtypes of cancer.

Speakers: Professor Brad Nelson (Deeley Research Centre, Canada) and Dr Dmitriy Chudakov (Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Russia)

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The BSI Regional & Affinity Group webinar series is supported by Miltenyi Biotec.