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Joint BSI-NCRI webinar: What do cancer T cells see?

This is a Regional & Affinity Group series webinar brought to you by the BSI Tumour Immunology Group and NCRI.

This session was the first in a new series of joint BSI-NCRI webinars: "Immune repertories in cancer: T and B cells”. Professor Lindy Durrant and Dr Michele Mishto discussed the common post-translational modifications to peptides that can be recognised by T cells in cancer, and the potential benefits of using unconventional T cell epitopes in cancer immunotherapy. Dr Michele Mishto explained how proteasomes can splice tumour peptides, and discussed his work characterising the CD8+ T cell spliced immunopeptidome. Professor Lindy Durrant closed the session by discussing her work on CD4+ T cell responses to peptides that have been citrullinated by stressed tumour cells and the prospect of a citrullinated peptide cancer vaccine.

Speakers: Professor Lindy Durrant, University of Nottingham and Dr Michele Mishto, King's College London

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The BSI Regional & Affinity Group webinar series is supported by Miltenyi Biotec.