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BSI Outstanding Ambassador for Immunology Award

The BSI Outstanding Ambassador for Immunology Award recognises the contribution and impact of an individual who has been an outstanding ambassador for immunology in the UK.

This individual does not necessarily have a background in immunology but will have used their network, influence and efforts to champion and significantly raise the profile of the immunology sector in the UK. The winner will be seen as a champion for immunology in the public arena and have worked at a senior level to bring about significant positive change to the sector. 

In 2023, this award went to Professor Danny Altmann and Dr Victoria Male, both at Imperial College London.


Professor Danny Altmann holding his award
Professor Danny Altmann holding his Outstanding Ambassador for Immunology Award

Professor Altmann became a well-recognised figure during the COVID-19 pandemic, through his appearances in the media, and on groups such as Independent SAGE. His considered analysis of the questions put to him, as well as his clear and simple communication style, helped to substantially increase public understanding of immunology and vaccinology. His championing of research into Long Covid has brought hope to thousands of people. You can learn more about Professor Danny Altmann and his work by reading our interview with him here.


Viki Male holding her award
Dr Viki Male holding her Outstanding Ambassador for Immunology award

Dr Male undertook extensive public engagement activity during the COVID-19 pandemic to address vaccine hesitancy in pregnant and breastfeeding women. She did this by providing clear, evidence-based information, and by actively and directly tackling misinformation. She works with a range of organisations to help answer people’s questions and concerns, so that they can make an informed choice about vaccination. Read our interview with Dr Male here, where we spoke about her work communicating the evidence around COVID-19 vaccines, pregnancy and fertility, and how her role promoting science has changed during the pandemic.


  • Membership of the BSI not a prerequisite
  • Open to individuals working in all fields and sectors, including academia, the health service, industry, public bodies and charities 
  • Open only to individuals and those based in the UK

Nomination and judging process

Nominations are now closed for 2023 and will reopen next year.

To read more about the BSI Immunology Awards and this year's winners, click here.

This shortlist is reviewed by the BSI Nominations Committee who will assess a number of factors including:

  • How the nominee’s actions and achievements have benefitted immunology in the UK within the last 24 months 
  • The impact of the nominee’s work to champion and significantly raise the profile of the immunology sector in the UK
  • How the impact of the nominee’s activities aligns with the BSI’s mission
  • Demonstrates a commitment to creating a positive and inclusive working culture 


If you have any queries, please email

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