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We need to think hard about how science itself might need to change to avoid losing our best mid-career researchers through accident or misfortune, says British Society for Immunology President Peter Openshaw.

Delegates at the Naturejobs Career Expo 2015

British Society of Immunology intern Mark Roberts reflects on his time at the Naturejobs Career Expo 2015.

Today, the British Society for Immunology has had a letter published in The Times highlighting the importance of protecting the public health budget in the upcoming Government Spending Review to safeguard the current delivery and future potential of the UK’s immunisation programme. Here, BSI President, Professor Peter Openshaw, discusses the importance of the immunisation programme to UK health and why we feel the need to act.

Mrinalini Dey in Singapore

Each year, the British Society for Immunology offers a number of grants through our Medical Elective and Summer Placement Award Scheme to medical and postgraduate students who are planning to undertake a formal placement for their medical elective or for a summer placement. Here, Mrinalini Dey, one of the 2015 recipients of this grant, discusses her placement and what she gained from the experience.

The Houses of Parliament

As the largest membership organisation for immunologists in Europe, the BSI is uniquely placed to inform political debate and policy development and to ensure the voice of immunology is heard by decision makers in Westminster and elsewhere. 

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