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BSI celebrates International Women's Day

Four of the immunologists features in our 60th anniversary project: Deborah Doniach, Ita Askonas, Bridget Ogilvie and Delphine Parrott

Wednesday 8 March is International Women’s Day, which each year aims to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women.  To mark this, the BSI is carrying out a number of activities via our website and social media channels to celebrate the achievements and contributions of women in immunology.

  • The BSI is committed to bringing together a workforce and membership that reflects the diversity of the society we live in.  As part of this, it’s important to us that we strive to ensure equality on our committees.  In this article from the March 2016 issue of our membership magazine, Immunology News, we interview some of the female scientists who sit on our Forum. They discuss their experiences of serving on a BSI committee and how it has helped their career. If this inspires you, we currently have a number of positions open for nomination on our committees
  • Women in immunology. As part of our 60th anniversary celebrations in 2016, the BSI celebrated the contributions made to our discipline by outstanding immunologists throughout our 60 year history.  On this page, we feature some of the key women who led the way in ensuring that immunology is the broad reaching, innovative and exciting discipline that we know today.
  • Our official journal, Clinical & Experimental Immunology, is highlighting recent review articles from female authors on its Twitter channel

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