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BSI Congress 2019 prize winners

There are a number of prizes available at the British Society for Immunology Congress, which is taking place in Liverpool on 2-5 December, to award excellence for oral and poster presentations.  Our congratulations to all the winners listed below.

Bright Sparks

Congratulations to the winners of our Bright Sparks sessions at the British Society for Immunology Congress 2019.  This event takes place on the first afternoon of Congress and aims to showcase the research of early-career researchers as well as providing them with the experience of giving talks about their work to a large audience.  The 2019 winners are:

PhD category

  • First place: Nathalie Schmidt, University College London - Rescuing hepatitis B virus- and tumour-specific T cell responses by modulating cholesterol metabolism
  • Second place: Ondrej Suchanek, University of Cambridge - Tissue-resident B cells orchestrate macrophage phenotype and function in non-lymphoid organs
  • Third place: Alicia Galdon, University of Manchester - Defining the immunomodulatory effects of IMM-101: a promising co-therapy for cancer

Postdoc category

  • First place: Emilie J Cosway, University of Birmingham - Eosinophils: essential regulators of thymus regeneration
  • Second place: Joshua Casulli, University of Manchester - Therapeutically targeting pulmonary regulatory pathways during respiratory bacterial infections
  • Third place: William Branchett, Imperial College London - Airway macrophage-intrinsic TGF-beta1 signalling controls pulmonary mononuclear phagocyte accumulation and type 2 immunity during neonatal allergen exposure

Poster prizes

Our congratulations to the following winners of the BSI Congress 2019 poster prizes.

You can read the abstracts for all posters presented at BSI Congress 2019 on the Congress website


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