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BSI Congress 2021 prize winners

There were a number of prizes available to award excellence for oral and poster presentations at the British Society for Immunology Congress 2021, which took place in Edinburgh from 28 November to 1 December. Our congratulations go to all the winners listed below.

Bright Sparks

Bright Sparks winners pictured with our Education & Careers Secretary, Dr Donald Palmer

Congratulations to the winners of our Bright Sparks sessions at the British Society for Immunology Congress 2021. This event took place on the first afternoon of BSI Congress and aims to showcase the research of early career researchers as well as providing them with the experience of giving talks about their work to a large audience. The 2021 winners are:

PhD category

  • First place: Lucia Labeur-Iurman, Imperial College London – An enriched IL-2 environment in early life limits T follicular helper cell development and protective immunity after respiratory virus infection

  • Second place: Julie M Mazet, University of Oxford – Interferon-gamma regulates anti-tumour response by restricting cytotoxic T cell potential in melanoma

  • Third place: Harry Horsnell, University College London – Lymph node homeostasis and adaptation to immune challenge resolved by fibroblast network mechanics

Postdoc category

  • First place: Dr Johanna Kabbert, Lund University –  High microbiota reactivity of human intestinal IgA requires somatic mutations

  • Second place: Dr Lucy McShane, University of Glasgow – TAM Receptor Axl Loss Accelerates Atherosclerosis in Mice

  • Third place: Dr Andrew McLean, University of Oxford – Alveolar macrophages coordinate early migration and differentiation of lung resident memory B cells at infected sites after influenza rechallenge

Poster prizes

Congratulations to the winners of the BSI Congress 2021 poster prizes, whose work was selected from over 600 posters presented at the conference. 

The BSI's official journals Clinical & Experimental Immunology, Immunotherapy Advances and Discovery Immunology were proud to sponsor six poster prizes. On behalf of all the editors, we extend our congratulations to the following winners:

Our special poster category, 'Education and public engagement' showcased the wide range of activities our members work on to promote and increase knowledge of immunology. Our congratulations go to Prof Matthias Eberl from Cardiff University for their winning poster Superbugs - An educational resource to increase awareness of the microbial world in, on and around us (P091).

We would also like to thank the Australia and New Zealand Society for Immunology and their official journal Immunology & Cell Biology for co-sponsoring a poster prize. International collaboration between immunological societies is vital for fostering scientific exchange and building global networks. Together, we congratulate Ali Amini from the University of Oxford for their winning poster Differential innate immune activation after homologous viral-vector and mRNA-based SARS-CoV-2 vaccines (P274).

You can read the abstracts for all posters presented on the BSI Congress 2021 website.


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