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BSI Congress prize winners

There are a number of prizes available at the British Society for Immunology Congress to award excellence for oral and poster presentations.  Our congratulations to all the winners listed below.

Bright Sparks

Bright Sparks winners Laura Pallett and Tomas Castro-Dopico

Congratulations to the winners of our Bright Sparks session at the British Society for Immunology Congress, taking place in Brighton on  4-7 December 2017.  This event aims to showcase the research of early-career researchers as well as providing them with the experience of giving talks about their work to a large audience.  The 2017 winners were:

PhD category

  • First place: Tomas Castro-Dopico, University of Cambridge for his presentation on 'Anti-commensal IgG augments intestinal inflammation in ulcerative colitis via IL-1beta-dependent Th17 immunity'.
  • Second place: Raef Albugami, University of Birmingham, for his presentation on 'Innate lymphoid cells reconstitution post lethal irradiation and allogeneic bone marrow transplantation'
  • Third place: Melissa Verheijen, University College London for her presentation on 'Probing the age structure within populations of immune B-lymphocytes'

Postdoc category

  • First place: Laura Pallett, University College London for her presentation on 'Induction of tissue-resident T cell as sentinels for therapeutic vaccination'
  • Second place: Louise Hosie, University of Birmingham for her presentation on 'Cytomegalovirus-specific T cells restricted by HLA-Cw*0702 increase markedly with age and dominate the CD8+ T cell repertoire in older people'
  • Third place: Felipe Melo-Gonzalez, The University of Manchester, for his presentation on 'Antigen presenting group 3 ILCs regulate mucosal T cell-dependent IgA responses and coating of colonic commensal bacteria'


Our congratulations to all the winners and all those who took part in the sessions. You can read more about all the presentations on our Congress website

Poster prizes

The British Society for Immunology offers a number of prizes at our Congress for the best poster presentations.  This year, the poster prizes were kindly sponsored by the journals,  Clinical & Experimental Immunology, Immunology and Current Opinions in Immunology. Congratulations to the 2017 winners:

  • P065: Katherine Walwyn-Brown, The University of Manchester for her poster on 'Cross-talk between natural killer cells and dendritic cells in Th2 responses'
  • P233: Jesuthas Ajendra, The University of Manchester for his poster on 'Role of neutrophils in the development of a type 2 immune response during nematode infection'
  • P270: Yang Li, University of Sheffield for her poster on 'TMEM203: a co-regulator of STING-mediated innate immunity'

The abstracts for all posters are available on the BSI Congress website.




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