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BSI launches new website on UK research into COVID-19 vaccines

We are delighted to be launching a brand new website about research undertaken in the UK on vaccines for COVID-19.

UK Covid Vaccine Research HubFunded by UK Research and Innovation via the National Core Studies Programme, the UK Covid Vaccine Research Hub aims to champion and celebrate the immense contribution of UK researchers to the development and understanding of vaccines for COVID-19, and act as a hub for information and resources about this vital work.

In order to capture the diverse and fascinating research output of the numerous experts working in this area, the new site hosts a directory of research publications relating to vaccines for COVID-19, and information about trials currently under way, including how these are funded, what they aim to achieve and how to become involved. The site’s news pages present the latest scientific discoveries in a digestible, engaging and easy-to-understand way.

For the public

A set of pages for the public host resources on a wide range of topics, including how the immune system responds to COVID-19, how vaccines prevent illness, and information for specific groups such as young people, pregnant women and people with reduced immunity.

For policy makers

Another section aimed at policy makers showcases reports, briefings and other resources from a wide range of UK organisations, demonstrating the scale of the contribution of the UK’s researchers to global efforts to end the pandemic, and outlining the policy developments needed to ensure they can continue to play this vital role.

For researchers

In addition, the site aims to provide researchers themselves with tools and information to help them undertake their work, such as details of upcoming funding calls and awards, advice on how to talk about their work to the public, information about collaborations, new approaches, latest developments in a range of fields, and much more.

Doug Brown, BSI CEODr Doug Brown, Chief Executive of the British Society for Immunology, said: 
“Since the pandemic began, there has been an unprecedented spotlight on scientific research, and on vaccines in particular. Never has there been more appetite for information and knowledge about how vaccines work, how they are developed and tested, and about the risks and benefits for individuals. 
This exciting new initiative, the UK Covid Vaccine Research Hub, aims to help meet this demand while promoting awareness and support for the work being undertaken by UK research teams, whose explorations are vital to global efforts to bring us out of the pandemic.” 

If you would like to let us know about a study, research initiative, publication, resource or funding opportunity to feature on the site, please contact us.


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