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BSI report: Immunology and the UK's life sciences industry

Immunology and the UK's life sciences industryThe British Society for Immunology has launched a new report 'Immunology and the UK's life sciences industry' to highlight the importance of immunology to this sector. The life sciences industry is a key part of the UK economy and one of our most successful industries. This report makes seven key recommendations for actions the government should take to ensure that we maintain our competitiveness and world-leading reputation as the country begins the process of developing a comprehensive and ambitious new industrial strategy for a post-Brexit United Kingdom.  These recommendations are:

1. Make the most of our transition from the EU

2. Increase science funding to ensure the UK remains competitive

3. Develop our capability and skills in key areas, such as computational biology and vaccines research

4. Strengthen the relationship between academia and industry

5. Promote workforce diversity in the life sciences

6. Maximise the research potential of our unique NHS

7. Support SMEs and help them scale up

You can download the full report at the link below. This report formed the BSI's response to the industrial strategy Green Paper

Download full report (PDF)



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