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BSI response to ABPI report on clinical research in the UK

29 September 2021

The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) has released a new report called 'Clinical research in the UK: an opportunity for growth'. The report examines how clinical research in the UK has been affected by the pandemic, and provides recommendations for how the UK can rebuild the clinical research environment.

In response to this report, the British Society for Immunology has released the following statement:

Dr Doug Brown, Chief Executive of the British Society for Immunology, said:

“During the COVID pandemic, the UK research community has come together like never before to drive forward the clinical research agenda and deliver game-changing developments in our knowledge of COVID-19 biology to both prevent and treat this disease. This innovation was evident throughout the medical spectrum, and particularly in immunology through nationwide initiatives such as the UK Coronavirus Immunology Consortium. There are many lessons that we can now take from the research community’s response to the pandemic to develop agile, innovative and collaborative research approaches that will benefit other areas of medical science to tackle some of the greatest health challenges to humankind.

“The British Society for Immunology welcomes the publication of today’s report from the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry on clinical research in the UK. Our own observations concur with the ABPI’s findings on the negative impact that the pandemic has had on non-COVID clinical research. However, the report’s recommendations provide a pragmatic path to improve this situation, which we endorse. The UK has the clinical expertise, research environment and infrastructure which allows us to be ambitious in developing a pioneering approach to clinical research. To do this, we need to ensure we have significant research funding available and that the NHS is properly resourced to support a culture of clinical research. This is ambitious but is eminently achievable and if we get this right, we have the potential to deliver life-changing benefits to patients.”

You can download a full copy of the report from the ABPI's website