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BSI response to new coronavirus research projects funded by UK government

23 March 2020

Today, the UK government announced that it is providing funding to six new research projects to develop active interventions against the novel coronavirus.  In response, the British Society for Immunology released the following statement welcoming the announcement. 

Dr Doug Brown, Chief Executive of the British Society for Immunology, said:

“Understanding how the human immune system responds to the novel coronavirus is key to developing therapeutics to tackle COVID-19. The projects announced today take different strategic approaches to examining how the immune system’s responses can be harnessed against the SARS-CoV-2 virus - from vaccine development to creating new medicines to repurposing existing drugs.  It is the right decision to support research into these different approaches to maximise the likelihood of a quick turnaround in bringing new therapeutics to market.   

“The UK leads the world for the quality of our immunology research, with international experts in this field.  The British Society for Immunology welcomes this funding announcement from the UK government which will see some of our top research groups lead on this vital, life-saving work.” 

You can read the full announcement from the UK government, alongside further details on the six projects themselves, on the GOV.UK website