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BSI response to paper in Science on Zika vaccine trials in monkeys

A paper published today in the journal Science has reported the outcome of trials that tested the effectiveness of three potential Zika vaccines in rhesus monkeys. In response to this report, the BSI has issued the following statement:

Dr Peter Barlow, British Society for Immunology spokesperson and Reader in Immunology & Infection at Edinburgh Napier University, said:     

“There are a number of significant health concerns around Zika virus infection, most notably for pregnant women, and thus an effective and safe vaccine against this virus is urgently required.

“This study used three different vaccine approaches in rhesus monkeys in order to assess the effectiveness of the vaccines in terms of protecting them against Zika virus infection. The data showed that all three vaccine approaches offered complete protection against Zika virus infection in the rhesus monkeys, without any major side effects.

“This study represents a promising step forward in the rapid development of a safe and robust vaccine against Zika virus infection in humans.  I would now expect clinical trials of a Zika vaccine in humans, using one or more of these approaches, to begin this year.”

The full paper that this comment is in response to can be found at: Abbink et al. Science doi: 10.1126/science.aah6157

Image credit: NIAID/Flickr


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