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BSI signs up to Stick to Science campaign urging UK association to Horizon Europe

The British Society for Immunology has become a signatory to the Stick to Science initiative. Set up by the European research community, the Stick to Science initiative is calling for open and barrier-free collaboration among Europe’s research and innovation scientists, who support a free exchange of ideas and open and accessible research collaboration.

The initiative is an active response to the delayed progression of Horizon Europe association agreements with Switzerland and the UK, which are being held up by political barriers unrelated to science, such as the ongoing dispute over the Northern Ireland protocol.

We want to encourage our members and the wider scientific community to join the call for an open and inclusive European Research Area by becoming a signatory to the Stick to Science campaign by entering your details on their website.

Become a signatory to the Stick to Science campaign

The signatories, which include the Wellcome Trust and the Royal Society, have requested that the European Council, Parliament, Commission and EU Member States, along with the governments of the UK and Switzerland, recognise that advancement in research is best achieved when all in science and innovation work together across geographic boundaries. Allowing political differences to prevent scientific collaboration goes against the interests of society at large as well as being detrimental to research in both the UK and the EU.

Not associating to Horizon Europe will mean that the UK is unable to take part in all aspects of the Framework Programme, won’t have similar status to EU countries, and won’t be able to help to set the research agenda in Europe. Without associated status, the UK would also find it much more difficult to perform clinical trials for diseases with limited patient populations, as well as UK scientists being restricted from leading projects funded through the Framework Programme.

Show your support for UK association to Horizon Europe and ask parties on both sides of the Channel to put scientific collaboration before politics by:

The BSI will continue to advocate for UK association to Horizon Europe and for a thought-out, developed Plan B in the event that this does not occur.



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