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BSI Trustee on BBC Radio 4 The Life Scientific

BSI Trustee and Public Engagement Secretary Professor Sheena Cruickshank was profiled in this week’s The Life Scientific on BBC Radio 4.  In this programme, Sheena discusses her life in science including her motivation for wanting to study immunology and her career path that led to her current position as Professor of Biomedical Science and Public Engagement at The University of Manchester.

Speaking to presenter Jim Al-Khalili, she provides a fascinating introduction to the inner workings of the immune system, examining our increased understanding of the nuances around the functioning of the immune system and both the innate and adaptive sides of our immune response. Focusing in on her primary topic of 'barrier sites' such as epithelial cells, she discusses her research examining what makes our bodies switch from 'watch and wait'  to 'attack' mode at these sites. 

Sheena has always been a strong proponent of taking science out into the community.  In this interview, she elaborates on this position, discussing why she thinks it is so important for scientists to communicate with the public and how her own public engagement work has inspired the direction of her research.  

You can listen to the full programme on the BBC iPlayer or from your podcast provider.

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