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BSI's new five-year strategy launched

1 November 2021

The British Society for Immunology is delighted to launch our new strategy which sets our direction and priorities for the next five years from 2021 – 2025.

Building on the strong foundations of our past work and guided by our updated vision and mission statements and set of values, this ambitious strategy lays out how we will work with our membership to deliver for the immunology and wider community over the coming years. As the UK’s leading charity and scientific society representing the immune research sector, we are confident that we will fulfil this strategy to lead a positive change towards our vision of better health for all through immunology.

Download full BSI strategy document (pdf)

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Professor Arne Akbar, President of the British Society for Immunology, said: 

“Immunology plays a central role in many of the most pressing global health challenges we face. The British Society for Immunology’s new strategy sets out an ambitious plan for how we will support members and the discipline of immunology over the next five years to achieve our mission of driving scientific discovery and making a positive impact on health. We believe that immunology can change the world for the better, delivering better health for people and animals our new strategy sets out what we are going to do to achieve this vision.

“Membership sits at the heart of all our activities and we are immensely grateful to the many BSI members and partners who generously volunteer their time to assist in our work to help shape the future of immunology. We look forward to having you all continue with us on this journey.”

Doug Brown, BSI CEODr Doug Brown, Chief Executive of the British Society for Immunology, said:

“I am excited to lead the Society in this next phase of work to support the immunology community. We have achieved a huge amount in recent years, but we are not complacent and believe there is even more we can do across the three core areas of our new strategy. Firstly, we will build on past successes to nurture a cohesive and interconnected immunology ecosystem that supports collaboration between sectors and disciplines. We will also focus our efforts to provide sector-leading careers support to attract and retain talent in immunology at all levels and sectors. Finally, we will engage with external stakeholders to ensure the gains in knowledge achieved through immunology research have a demonstrable impact in policy and public circles to deliver positive outcomes for health. 

"This is an ambitious strategy but one that is eminently achievable. I look forward to working with BSI trustees, members, partners and staff to deliver real change for immunology. Together, we will do this." 

Thank you to all our members and partners for your ongoing support, enthusiasm and engagement for the Society and our activities. We look forward to working with all of you over the next five years to deliver on our mission to support our immunology community in driving scientific discovery and making a positive impact on health.

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