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Call for proposals for BSI Congress 2019


The next British Society for Immunology Congress will be held in Liverpool on 2–5 December 2019. 

Our Congress Committee is currently working on the following topics for plenary sessions:

  1.  Immunological challenges of controlling influenza
  2.  Tissue resident memory T cells 
  3.  Cancer immunotherapy
  4.  Ageing 
  5.  Joint BSI/UKPIN session - Learning from cell signalling in immunodeficiency 
  6.  Joint BSI/UKPIN session - Mechanisms of inflammation in immunodeficiency 

All BSI members are invited to propose topics for additional parallel sessions before the deadline of Wednesday 3 October 2018.

The Congress Committee suggests that ideas for parallel sessions are discussed and forwarded through one of the many BSI Regional or Affinity Groups. Groups are asked to discuss suggestions with members, and identify any overlaps or proposals that could benefit from further input before forwarding the completed proposals to the BSI.  The Committee requests proposals for 1 hour, 45 minute sessions to maximise the number of topics that can be accepted. If you feel your topic may warrant a double session, please contact us to advise before pursuing this line of proposal. 

If you have a topic suggestion, please contact the relevant Regional and/or Affinity Group to discuss your ideas as soon as possible – before the deadline! To submit a proposal, please use our proposal template and further guidelines document. 
Proposals (using our template) should be emailed to Joanne Hemstock by Wednesday 3 October. General enquiries may be made to Joanne Hemstock (tel: 020 3019 5918) or Jane Sessenwein (tel: 020 3019 5919). 





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