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Changes to the BSI publishing portfolio: a message from our President

Arne Akbar
BSI President, Professor Arne Akbar

From 2022, the British Society for Immunology's publishing portfolio will see some changes. We have decided to focus on developing journals that are fully owned by the Society so we will no longer be affiliated with the Wiley-owned journal Immunology. This move will give us greater control over our publishing portfolio’s future and it will allow us to continue to support future generations of immunologists. We are delighted to announce that Oxford University Press will be the new publishing partner for our journal Clinical & Experimental Immunology, where it joins our first Open Access journal Immunotherapy Advances.

Our President, Professor Arne Akbar, has written a message to the membership about why these important changes were made and what they mean for the future of the Society. We have also put together FAQs about how the changes will affect BSI members, Editorial Board members, authors, reviewers and readers. Read the FAQs here.

A message to BSI members from Professor Arne Akbar

2020 and 2021 have been significant years for the Society, with the COVID-19 pandemic causing widespread change across the globe. As the work of the British Society for Immunology has become ever more important, and the profile of immunology has increased, we have taken a fresh look at securing the financial sustainability of the Society to ensure that our work can continue for future generations of immunologists.

The Society has, for many decades, depended heavily on the revenue from its journals to fund its charitable activities. A key part of the BSI’s current strategy is to take real strides towards income diversification from a wider number of revenue sources to secure our financial future. In addition, we have decided to implement a change to the Society’s publishing strategy, away from supporting publisher-owned journals, to focus on developing journals that are wholly owned by the BSI, which will provide engaging platforms for research dissemination and offer greater opportunities for financial returns. The BSI is proud to own Clinical & Experimental Immunology and Immunotherapy Advances.

It is with a heavy heart that I have to confirm that this decision means that the BSI will no longer be affiliated with the Wiley-owned journal Immunology from 2022 onwards. Professor Simon Milling, the current Editor-in-Chief of the journal, has decided to end his term of office to coincide with this. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Simon for his outstanding work on the journal, which – in collaboration with the Associate Editors and the Editorial Board – has culminated in the journal reaching its highest ever impact factor since it was launched as a BSI and Blackwell Scientific Publications collaboration in 1958. The BSI and Wiley are committed to working with the Associate Editors and the Editorial Board to ensure that their individual wishes about continuing to serve Immunology are respected. We would also like to thank Professor Danny Altmann, former Editor-in-Chief, for bringing great vision to the journal during his 13-year term. While we know that Immunology is held in great affection by many of our members, the BSI’s Board of Trustees feel this is the right move to support the financial security of the Society and allow us to evolve our publishing strategy to support current and future generations of immunologists. 

From 2022, Clinical & Experimental Immunology, which is wholly owned by the BSI, will also see some changes. We are delighted to announce that we have selected Oxford University Press (OUP) as a new publishing partner for the journal and are thrilled that Professor Leonie Taams will continue leading Clinical & Experimental Immunology in her position as Editor-in-Chief.

As BSI members, you will be aware that we have also recently launched a new Open Access journal, Immunotherapy Advances, led by Professor Tim Elliott and owned by the BSI, which has already attracted some fantastic articles and an impressive level of attention. We are working to pass the milestones of PubMed Central acceptance and attainment of an impact factor, at the earliest opportunity, with Tim and the Editorial Board.

We are confident that, in extending our relationship with OUP as our publishing partner, we have secured opportunities for providing world-leading platforms for research dissemination as well as greater financial success, and found a partner who supports our goals to launch new BSI-owned journals for the next phase of our future. Rhodri Jackson, Publishing Director, Journals, at Oxford University Press said, “We’re very excited to further develop our publishing partnership with the British Society for Immunology. We look forward to the future strategic development of Clinical & Experimental Immunology alongside its sibling journal, Immunotherapy Advances.

As we continue to grow and evolve as a Society, we hope you will support us by continuing to submit your work to, and act as ambassadors for, the BSI’s journals Clinical & Experimental Immunology and Immunotherapy Advances, and any new BSI publications in the future. In turn, your Society is always here to support our wonderful immunology community in advancing and fostering innovation within our discipline.

Professor Arne Akbar
President, British Society for Immunology

If you have any questions about how these changes will affect you, please take a look at our FAQs.