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Did you write to your MP about immunology?

In January, we called on our members to take four actions to ensure the voice of immunology is heard in the upcoming Brexit negotiations. Now, as the Prime Minister prepares to trigger Article 50 to start the 2-year negotiating process on our exit from the EU, it remains as important as ever to tell your local MP how important immunology is to the UK’s future.

You can email your local MP using our template email and attach our briefing document, highlighting our four key ‘asks’.

Several BSI members have told us they contacted their MP via email or face-to-face meetings. We’d love to hear from you on how these meetings went! This feedback is important so we can understand the impact of our campaign and which MPs have engaged with our message.

Please email our Public Affairs Manager, Chris Lowry, if you have written to/met with/received a response from your MP. 


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