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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion activity grants 2021

In spring 2021, the British Society for Immunology launched a new Equality, Diversity & Inclusion activity grant scheme to help organisations and individuals fund activities and events that promote diversity and inclusion across the immunology community and the wider biomedical sciences.

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The aim of this grant scheme is to bring together people from different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives to support innovation and research through a diversity of ideas and to solve challenges faced by the immunology community and the wider world.

These ambitious and inspiring activities aim to accelerate culture change and promote visibility with respect to equality, diversity and inclusion. Over the course of the grants, these activities aim to promote a more diverse, fair and inclusive immunology community.

Projects funded in 2021

The BSI was delighted to fund the following projects in the first round of this grant scheme: 

  • Dr Bronwen Burton and Dr Caroline McKinnon from the University of Bristol are being funded to decolonise and diversify some immunology units on the university curriculum. 
  • Dr Calliope Dendrou and Miss Madeleine Welland from the University of Oxford are being funded to host a dedicated support network including expert presentations, interactive sessions and panel discussions, coupled with pre-symposium engagement events for improving psychological safety. 
  • Mrs Laura Eghobamien and Ms Adeola Onumonu from the Black Medical Scientific Network are being funded to host an outreach programme for young Black scientists. 
  • Dr Harriet Groom from the University of Cambridge is being funded to run an event centred around the lack of diversity in STEM research by focussing on the workforce and looking into the people that are themselves being researched, e.g. looking at African individuals as part of a cohort being studied fro HIV reserach. 
  • Professor Jayne Hope, Professor Gary Entrican and Dr Omar Abdelsalam Alfituri from the Roslin Institute at the University of Edinburgh are awarded the grant to help fund a workshop that aims to capture the lifelong experiences of two late-career immunologists, focussing on the challenges they have faced and the opportunities they have seized, including the role that the BSI has played in their career development.
  • Professor Anja Muller, Dr Rosemary Norton and Professor Maria O' Connell from the University of East Anglia have been awarded funding to host an open forum to discuss race and race relations in science. 
  • Ms Elizabeth Wynn and Dr Anne Corcoran from the Babraham Institute have been awarded the grant for an Honoraria for Black speakers and those from other underrepresented ethnicities to recognise the work they do that falls outside the remit of their research. 

A new round of this grant will open on Wednesday 20 April 2022 and close on Thursday 19 May 2022 at 23:59 BST.  

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If you have any questions please contact our Education & Careers Officer, Eolan Healy


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