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General election 2017: stand up for immunology

With the general election imminent, it’s now more important than ever to keep science high on the political agenda.  The next five years are going to be crucial for shaping the country’s future research capabilities as we head towards Brexit, with key decisions on immigration, research funding and an industrial strategy all in the offing.

As immunologists, the next few weeks offer you a chance to engage with your local candidates and parties on issues that are important to you and the discipline.  So, the British Society for Immunology has developed a list of discussion points that you can raise with your local candidates to find out their views and highlight the importance of immunology and science to this country’s future.  A full briefing document is available here, but the key points we suggest you could engage are listed below.

Five discussion points

1. Immunology is vital to understanding human and animal health and developing new medicines

2. We need the next government to develop a long-term road map that brings funding for science and research more in line with international competitors

3. We need our MPs to embed evidence at the heart of policymaking

4. We need a secure new relationship with the EU with stable access to funding and collaboration through Horizon 2020 and its successor programme

5. We need an immigration system that secures access to the best talent irregardless of nationality

Download full briefing document (PDF)

Please let us know if you use this briefing and if you receive a response. Email Chris Lowry with this information and any other queries you have.

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