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General Election - Call to Action

The BSI is calling on all its members to contact their local candidates ahead of the 12 December General Election. With all 650 constituencies across the UK set to return a Member of Parliament who could be in post until 2024, this is a superlative opportunity to ensure that they enter the corridors of power with immunology on their minds.

At this busy time of year, we have made it even easier than usual for members to contact their local candidates by providing template emails on two of the most pressing issues facing immunology: science and research policy and the future of the immigration system. This includes advocating for an increase in cross sector R&D funding from 1.7% GDP to at least 2.4% GDP, the OECD average, and making sure that the UK becomes more open and more accessible to scientists and researchers at all levels of their career under our future immigration system. If you’d like to read more on our work in these policy areas, please read our blog.

How to get involved

Find the two template emails here.

To check your constituency, enter your post code here. To see which candidates are running in your area and their contact details (if publicly available), please look up your constituency here.

When you email your candidates, remember to add in your name and address, and please either CC me at, or let me know who you have emailed afterwards. This will allow us to build an accurate map of all those candidates contacted and give us a platform to follow up on after the election. If you have any queries or questions, then please do not hesitate to let me know by emailing the above address.


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