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Immunology Editor's Choice Virtual Issue

The latest Virtual Issue from our journal Immunology is an Editor's Choice, personally curated by Editor-in-Chief Danny Altmann. Read more.

IMM VI Eds ChoiceWe include four outstanding review articles in the sphere of unconventional/innate lymphocytes, describing recent development in NK cells, innate lymphoid cells and MAIT cells. This has been an exciting and fast-moving area, benefiting enormously from developments in RNAseq and multi-parameter flow/mass cytometry. We’d certainly wish to encourage further submissions in this area. Within the tsunami of microbiota publications, we’ve been passionate over recent years to try and select and publish those papers that can truly offer clarity with respect to unraveling interactions with innate and adaptive immunity. Two of those papers that have been most highly accessed are included here. To this set, we add a new piece which extends the concept of persistent co-existence with bacterial commensals to consideration of chronic infection with viruses and parasites. The field of immunology has had a (commendable) tendency to apply new technological approaches to the reinvigoration of old observations – exemplified here by outstanding pieces on T follicular helper cells and on ectopic lymphoid follicles. Again, these are topics we hope to continue to cover with further submissions. As a basic immunology journal, we have had a longstanding interest in transcriptional control of immune subsets and here include a highly accessed piece on T-bet. Finally, we include a review from our vitamin D and immunity thematic set.


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