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Immunology in the news - week beginning 16 January

Mouse spleen cells infected with Zika virus.
Infected cells, brown; cell nuclei, blue.
Credit: Shresta lab at La Jolla Institute for
Allergy and Immunology.

Here's our selection of the top immunology stories in the news this week.

Thursday 19 January

A global plan to defend against the future's deadliest diseases - The Atlantic

Inside the lab where the MERS vaccine is made - BBC News

Virus lottery: what could be the next epidemic? - BBC News

Technique reveals movements of immune cells as they hunt for tumours - EurekAlert


Wednesday 18 January

The Cardiff scientists fighting killer sepsis - BBC News

See how immune cells break through blood vessel walls - EurekAlert


Tuesday 17 January

Persistent infection keeps immune memory sharp, leading to long-term protection - EurekAlert

'I'm allergic to my husband' - story of patient with Mast Cell Activation Syndrome - BBC News


Monday 16 January

T cells join the fight against Zika - EurekAlert

Biologists discover how viruses hijack cell's machinery - EurekAlert

Malaria elimination: Vaccines should be tested on larger groups of volunteers - EurekAlert

Target freshers to halt spread of meningitis, say researchers - EurekAlert


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