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New BSI collaboration: building links with China

We’re pleased to announce that the British Society for Immunology has signed a letter of intent to establish a new collaborative partnership with the Chinese Society for Immunology (CSI).  The CSI was founded in 1984 and is now one of the largest immunology societies in the world, with 9,200 members. They are currently preparing to host the International Union of Immunological Societies 17th International Congress in Beijing in 2019.

“Like all the best science, immunology is global,” commented BSI President Peter Openshaw. “Chinese immunology is expanding at a remarkable rate. It is by working with nations around the globe that we can best support our members, promoting interaction at all levels and working together for the betterment of science. We hope that the links we are forming with our equivalent society in China will help free exchange of ideas and people, and encourage future collaborations.”

This collaboration aims to benefit our members by opening up increased information and engagement opportunities between our two societies, leading to greater understanding, networking and partnerships.

Areas of work will include enhancing knowledge sharing through attendance at meetings.  You can read more about a recent joint meeting we held with the CSI and Oxford University’s Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences group in the next issue of Immunology News. In future, this work may also include the provision of travel grants or the reciprocal invitation of speakers to each other’s congresses. Under this scheme, we’re delighted to welcome Xuetao Cao, Secretary General of the Chinese Society for Immunology, to the BSI Congress in Brighton in December, where he will be giving a plenary talk on Tuesday 5 December – definitely one not to miss!

We will also examine what we can do to increase our members’ knowledge of the research landscape in Chinese universities and the possibility of funding for early career researchers to undertake short trips between the two countries, either by providing our own schemes or highlighting existing programmes such as the British Council’s UK-China Joint Research and Innovation Partnership Fund.

We’re very excited by this collaboration and we hope you are too.  If you have any queries or would like to get involved, please email the BSI’s Chief Executive, Jo Revill.

Delegates at the joint symposium between the BSI, CSI & Oxford University's Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Shanghai, May 2017

You can read the full letter of intent between the British Society for Immunology and the Chinese Society for Immunology here


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