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New BSI committee members 2022

Following our recent call for nominations and elections for upcoming vacancies on the BSI Board of Trustees, Forum and our Secretary roles, we would like to offer our warm congratulations to the following successful candidates:


  • Professor Tracy Hussell, University of Manchester – President (commencing December 2022)
  • Professor James Brewer, University of Glasgow – Chair of Forum (commencing December 2022)
  • Professor Teresa Lambe, University of Oxford – General Trustee (commencing December 2022)
  • Dr Matthew Siggins, Imperial College London – Early Career Trustee (commencing July 2022)


  • Professor Matthias Eberl, Cardiff University – Public Engagement Secretary (commencing January 2023)
L-R, Tracy Hussell, James Brewer, Teresa Lambe, Matthew Siggins, M


  • Dr Julia Makinde, International AIDS Vaccine Initiative & Imperial College London – England Representative (commencing July 2022)
  • Dr Patrick Cao, University of Aberdeen – Scotland Representative (commencing January 2023)
  • Dr Gareth-Rhys Jones, University of Edinburgh & Western General Hospital – Clinical Representative (commencing July 2022)
  • Dr Rebecca McLean, The Pirbright Institute – Veterinary Representative (commencing July 2022)
  • Dr George Robinson, University College London – Early Career Representative (commencing July 2022)
members forum
L-R, Julia Makinde, Patrick Cao, Gareth Rhys Jones, Rebecca McLean, George Robinson

Find out more about the successful candidates and how they plan to represent your interests by reading their full statements in the members' area of our website (you will need to log in to access this webpage).

A big thank you to all members who voted resulting in a turnout of over 16% of the BSI membership. Of the ten roles up for nomination this year, four were appointed uncontested. We would also like to pass on our thanks to all the other BSI members who stood for election. 

The British Society for Immunology is here to represent all immunologists working in science, healthcare, and industry. Our committees are vital in leading our work, making numerous decisions about how the Society is run, what activities we focus on, and what support we provide to members. We look forward to working with all our new committee members in the coming months to forward the Society’s mission to support our immunology community in driving scientific discovery and making a positive impact on health.