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New BSI journal: Immunotherapy Advances

Immunotherapy Advances logoWe’re excited to announce the launch of Immunotherapy Advances, the first fully Open Access journal of the British Society for Immunology. Our new official journal will be edited by a world leader in the field of immunotherapy, Professor Tim Elliott, supported by an Editorial Board of globally-renowned experts. We’re delighted to partner with Oxford University Press to deliver this publication.  

Immunotherapy Advances will join our two established journals, Immunology and Clinical & Experimental Immunology, as part of the BSI family of journals. As such, we’re proud to offer a 20% discount on publication fees in Immunotherapy Advances for BSI members. All BSI members are eligible for a discounted Article Processing Charge (APC) of £1,600. 

Immunotherapy Advances will publish scientifically rigorous research relating to manipulations of the immune system for the benefit of human and animal health in all disease areas. Read the scope and mission of the journal to find out more about the topics of interest.

Founding Editor-in-Chief, Professor Tim Elliott, and Regional Editor for Asia, Professor Tao Dong, have shared a message about the launch of Immunotherapy Advances below. BSI President, Professor Arne Akbar and BSI Chief Executive, Dr Doug Brown, have also shared their support for the journal.

The journal is now open for submissions! The first articles will be published in late 2020, with the first volume opening from January 2021. We’d like to encourage BSI members to support your Society’s first fully Open Access journal and submit to Immunotherapy Advances.

Visit the Immunotherapy Advances journal website


Immunotherapy Advances journalA note from Founding Editor-in-Chief of Immunotherapy Advances, Professor Tim Elliott FRSB, FMedSci: 

Tim Elliott“I am very excited to launch Immunotherapy Advances at a time when the clinical application of immunological knowledge is taking off on a large-scale in the treatment of diverse illnesses from cancer to migraine. It is the third official journal of the British Society for Immunology and so has an excellent pedigree – I am working closely with Simon Milling (Editor-in-Chief of Immunology) and Leonie Taams (Editor-in-Chief of Clinical & Experimental Immunology) to ensure that Immunotherapy Advances complements its sister journals. 

Immunotherapy Advances will be truly global, and I am appointing Regional Editors from all around the world to help with this aim. Together with a fully Open Access format, we aim to bring some of the best research articles, digestible reviews and insightful commentary to a worldwide audience – researchers of course, but also doctors, health professionals, patients and a growing body of interested public and policy-makers. 

“We will publish research that spans the immunotherapy translational pipeline from discovery research and preclinical animal models through to clinical trials. We also encourage a strong focus on immunological mechanism – the curious mind can often gain important mechanistic insight from all points in the pipeline, and we would like to ensure that this is not lost from studies where mechanism wasn’t the primary aim. Often, this additional insight can come from combining disciplines so we will also encourage studies that draw on engineering, mathematics and computer science, chemistry and the physical sciences. 

“As the field of immunotherapy research grows over the coming years and widens its global reach, my aim is for Immunotherapy Advances to become the go-to repository for high-quality research and a forum to discuss the latest developments in the field. We're now accepting submissions, so I invite you to find out more about the journal and be one of the first authors to submit your work.” 

Immunotherapy Advances Regional Editor for Asia, Professor Tao Dong, shared a message about the launch: 

Tao Dong“I am delighted to be a part of the inauguration of a new Open Access journal, Immunotherapy Advances. I am excited to embark on this important role and I look forward to working with Professor Tim Elliott and an outstanding team of international editors.  

Immunotherapy Advances is now open for submissions and looking for scientifically rigorous research relating to manipulations of the immune system in all disease areas. I am particularly interested in papers with evidence from human cohort studies, which might lead to new proof of concept preclinical immunotherapy studies, and from human clinical trials. I am also keen to consider failed clinical trials with solid experimental design where they contribute to immune-mechanistic insight. I look forward to seeing the first articles.” 

British Society for Immunology President, Professor Arne Akbar, shares his support for the launch of the new journal: 

“When I began my term as BSI President, I set out my ambitions for the four years to come with the goal of expanding the Society’s activities and promoting all aspects of immunology for the benefit of our members. The BSI has accomplished great things since then, and today, I’m proud to see the launch of our new Open Access journal, Immunotherapy Advances

“The charitable activities of the British Society for Immunology and the support that we provide to our members are heavily financially dependent on our two established journals, Immunology and Clinical & Experimental Immunology. The launch of this new Open Access journal allows us to evolve our publishing offer whilst reaching into the prominent and pioneering field of immunotherapy. 

“We’re living at a time of accelerated scientific discovery, with innovative research delivering tremendous benefits for human and animal health. Immunologists are at the forefront of this transformation, and BSI members from all sectors, including clinical and industry, are making this possible. Immunotherapy Advances will provide a home for their findings on manipulations and interventions of the immune system. I’d like to encourage my fellow members to explore the scope of the new journal, and to consider submitting your high-quality work.” 

British Society for Immunology Chief Executive, Dr Doug Brown, shares his support for the launch of the new journal: 

Doug Brown, BSI CEO“This is a fantastic milestone for the British Society for Immunology – it has been more than 50 years since the Society last launched a journal, and today we’re thrilled to introduce a new addition to the BSI journal family, Immunotherapy Advances

“Our two established journals, Immunology and Clinical & Experimental Immunology, have been at the forefront of promoting excellence in immunological research. This new Open Access journal, Immunotherapy Advances, is another step forward in the dissemination of scientific research to foster future innovation for the benefit of the immunology community and society as a whole. We hope you join us in celebrating the launch and help us share this exciting new resource with your networks!” 

For any initial enquiries, please contact the editorial office at

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