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New BSI teaching resource hub

We have created this teaching resource hub to provide immunology educators with links, videos, worksheets, webinars and other resources that can help explain, describe, supplement and assess immunology content for students from A-level studies up to Master's level. The BSI recognises the particular needs and support that immunology educators require due to COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent remote learning environments for students. We are working closely with some of the leading educators among membership and we would very much like hear from any of you regarding what information or resources you would like to share or see here.

Visit the BSI teaching hub

You will see: 

  • BSI YouTube channel
  • BSI BiteSized Immunology
  • Online resources
  • Coronavirus webinars
  • Career development webinars
  • Public engagement resources around vaccines
  • Immunology educators' profiles
  • Much more

Please email Eolan Healy, our Education & Careers Officer with any suggestions you have. 


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