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New Video Resources from the BSI

Here at the BSI, we’re always looking out for additional ways to communicate the science and wonder of immunology beyond our membership to students and the public. For our latest project, we’re pleased to announce the launch a new collection of short videos that explain different aspects of the immune system.

As a discipline, immunology is increasingly prevalent in the media and immunotherapies are becoming frontline treatments for many conditions. The videos, filmed during the BSI Congress 2014, aim to support the public’s understanding of and engagement with immunology and immunologists. Each video features a leading UK immunologist talking about their area of expertise in an accessible way. They are perfect to use to support sixth form studies or just for members of the public who want to find out more about how their immune systems work.

Starting on the surface with the role of the skin in protecting us from infection, we delve into the role of the immune system in cancer and a variety ofautoimmune diseases among other topics. Our video on immunotherapiesdiscusses some of the most recent advances in medicine. We also feature a video on the skin prick test, the most commonly used test for diagnosing allergies.

There are 13 videos in all and they are available to view on the BSI’s YouTube and Vimeo channels and are available under creative commons licence to support reuse and sharing of the content.

We would like to thank all the interviewers and interviewees involved in the project for their time.

Hannah Hope

Education, Careers & Public Engagement Manager, BSI