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Primary Immunodeficiency Week

Scanning electron micrograph of a human T lymphocyte (also called a T cell) from the immune system of a healthy donor.This week (22nd-30th April) is Primary Immunodeficiency (PI) Week. PI disorders are caused by hereditary genetic mutations that disrupt normal immune system functions making patients more susceptible to infection. There are more than 300 chronic PI disorders with a large range of symptoms making the disease difficult to diagnose.

PI is treated by preventing infection, alleviating symptoms, and boosting the immune system. More permanent treatments include, gene and stem cell therapy, but both treatments come with serious risks.

To raise awareness of World Primary Immunodeficiency Week, and improve diagnosis and treatment, the BSI has pooled together some of its most recent resources on the topic and will be posting on social media throughout the day.  

Highlights of our resources

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