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Topical editorials from BSI journal Immunology

BSI members can all agree that immunology is a large and vibrant research area, in which advances are made and shared at a fantastic rate. Keeping on top of the latest published research, perspectives and reviews can be tricky. To guide readers through the papers published in the BSI’s official journal Immunology, and to place these in the wider context of the immunology publishing landscape, Editor-in-Chief Danny Altmann has launched a monthly editorial update to keep BSI members informed.

In his debut editorial, Danny focuses on mapping innate and adaptive immune function in arbovirus infections. He covers research and reviews addressing current priorities in the Zika response, CD4 + and CD8 + T cell immunity to Dengue, age‐related alterations in immune responses to West Nile virus infection and new pathways to studying viral infections among other topics. Papers from Immunology and Immunology’s sister BSI publication Clinical & Experimental Immunology are discussed alongside recent studies in Science, Lancet Infectious Diseases and Nature Scientific Reports


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