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Vaccine engagement day: let’s widen #VaccineConversations

Our annual ‘vaccine engagement day’ is back! On Tuesday 29 March 2022, the British Society for Immunology is holding a mass online public engagement day to raise the expert voice of the immunology community in #VaccineConversations louder than ever before.

Over the past two years, immunologists have gone above and beyond to champion the critical role of vaccination, in particular against COVID-19, in protecting and advancing global health. The tremendous effort from our wonderful community has been instrumental in strengthening public understanding and helping people make informed decisions about vaccination. But as we move into a new period of the COVID-19 pandemic, it remains vital for immunologists to continue engaging with the public.

On Tuesday 29 March we want to revitalise public engagement efforts and provide you with renewed motivation and support to have effective #VaccineConversations with your family, friends, networks and communities.

BSI members, will you join us for a day of vaccine education and celebration?

Start, renew or support #VaccineConversations

There are many ways to play a role in informing the public about vaccination. No matter where you are in your public engagement journey at the moment, we want to hear from you on Tuesday 29 March.

We know that many of our members have been acting as positive ambassadors for COVID-19 vaccination with a wide range of approaches, all of which have been making a significant positive impact on our society. As we continue communicating about COVID-19 vaccines, how can we learn from this important work and expand the conversation to other vaccinations?

Get involved by sharing learnings, challenges and successes of COVID-19 vaccine engagement efforts. We want to hear:

  • Your public engagement experiences – what works, what doesn’t
  • Your involvement in a previous BSI campaign e.g. #CelebrateVaccines or #ExploreVaccines – look back and reshare
  • Public engagement efforts you’ve seen other immunologists carry out – give them a shout out!
  • Ideas for taking learnings from COVID-19 vaccine engagement and applying it to talking about childhood, flu or any other vaccines – let’s widen the conversation
  • Future vaccine engagement projects – our Communicating Immunology grant scheme can help
  • What resources are most useful for you? We have lots of resources in our 'Vaccine engagement starts at home' campaign which aims to provide our members with the necessary support to engage with the public around vaccination – share them with others looking to start their journey


Simply share them on social media with the hashtag #VaccineConversations (you can also include #CelebrateVaccines and #ExploreVaccines) and we will amplify from the BSI channels. Alternatively, you can email our Public Engagement Manager, Erika Aquino, at

Social media toolkits

We have two social media toolkits from our vaccine engagement days in 2020 and 2021. In them you can find a range of resources you can use to show your support for vaccines and engage others in this important conversation online.

#ExploreVaccines social media toolkit 

#CelebrateVaccines social media toolkit 

Join in to start, renew or support #VaccineConversations. This is your chance to share your public engagement experiences and get involved in a critical and meaningful movement!



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