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World Immunisation Week 2019

This week (24 - 30 April 2019) marks World Immunisation Week. Immunisation is one of the most effective and safest public health interventions in the world and saves between 2 and 3 million lives per year.  In the UK, many diseases such as polio and diphtheria have been dramatically reduced due to the introduction of vaccines - there hasn't been a case of polio in the UK since the mid-1990s - although these diseases are still endemic in some countries. Worldwide vaccination coverage is currently 85% - however, an additional 1.5 million deaths could be avoided if we increase this. 

Immunisation is the most effective medical intervention in modern medicine and the BSI fully supports the development of vaccines and promotes the continued success of worldwide immunisation. For World Immunisation Week, the BSI have pooled a range of resources related to immunisation and will be posting on social media throughout the week.



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