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The STRAVINSKY Participant Involvement Panel

What is a Participant Involvement Panel (PIP)? 

Our Participant Involvement Panel, or PIP for short, is an active partnership between the study participants and the researchers and study management team that influences and shapes the research and study delivery. 

The panel supports the Stratification of Clinically Vulnerable People for COVID-19 Risk Using Antibody Testing (STRAVINSKY) study to ensure we are conducting research that is relevant, suitable and valuable for patients. Patient and participant involvement is particularly important in the evolving COVID-19 environment, and we are keen to ensure participant feedback is heard and considered within the research project.  

The PIP advises and guides STRAVINSKY researchers through providing open, honest feedback and reflections on the research priorities as well as perspectives and thoughts on implications of the research on the wider public and in the context of other emerging COVID-19 research and policy.  


Panel members are all active participants in the STRAVINSKY study. The current members are: 

  • Margaret Bennett
  • Liam Dougan
  • Alan Hancock
  • Tina Leonard 
  • David Martin 

The panel plans to meet five times over two years. To date, three virtual meetings have taken place in November 2023, March and June 2024. Panel members also provide ad hoc support to the study in between meetings.

The panel works within an agreed Terms of Reference. 

The British Society for Immunology supports panel members in their role and provides secretariat for the panel, organising and chairing meetings, circulating papers and sharing information and resources through email. 

For any questions, please contact Hana Ayoob, BSI Patient and Public Involvement Manager at