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Policy and Public Affairs Update: 28th May - 2nd June

BSI weekly Policy and Public Affairs update

May 28th – June 2nd 


New report reveals benefits of EU-UK medical research partnerships 

Partnerships between UK and EU medical researchers have increased the value of research, benefiting patients across Europe, according to a new report.

The report, commissioned by 8 leading UK medical organisations including the Medical Research Council and The Academy of Medical Sciences , highlights how the UK’s contribution to research throughout the EU has fostered scientific co-operation and that “strong research collaboration between the UK and EU benefits all”.

In particular, the report focuses on 5 key areas where UK research contributes to medical progress, including hosting some Europe’s medical research institutions and training early career researchers from across the EU, to develop their skills and careers. 


SNP publish General Election manifesto 

On Tuesday, the Scottish National Party (SNP) published its manifesto, which means the UK’s 4 biggest political parties have now published their manifestoes for the General Election next week, June 8th.

Noteworthy policies include:

  • An ambition to stay part of the EU Single Market and retain medicines licensing under the EMA
  • Obtaining clarity from the UK government on how EU funding schemes like Horizon 2020 will be replaced.
  • Calling for a Scottish representative to be a member of the UK Research and Innovation Board.


Collaboration will be essential to advance the delivery of Advanced Therapies

The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry has published a review article on the need for collaboration in delivering cell and gene therapies to patients.

In the Article, the ABPI, said that collaboration between the pharmaceutical industry, patents and health regulators will be ‘a game changer’ in delivering new cell and gene therapies to treat conditions like immunodeficiencies.

Collaboration of this nature has been already proved successful in the IS, where The National Immunotherapy Coalition brings together large pharma and biotech companies, major academic cancer centres, payers and financial institutions into cancer care. 


Polls narrow ahead of election

Less than a week to go to the General Election and polls show that the race has tightened, although the Conservatives continue to have a significant lead by most pollster’s projections.

The most recent data, a poll by Ipsos-Mori for the London Evening Standard, has topline figures of CON 45%, LAB 40%, LDEM 7%.

YouGov this week published a seat by seat projection based on new modelling – not polling – which suggested that the Conservatives could lose as many as 20 seats based on their data and calculations. That projection is however based on midpoints with a significant margin of error on either side.