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Further immunology resources

Global Day of Immunology

The annual EFIS/IUIS 'Day of Immunology' aims to raise public awareness of the important role of Immunology in society. Initially originating within EFIS, and promoted via its European member societies, from 2007 the day became a global event via the involvement of the IUIS. The next 'Day of Immunology' will be April 29 2017! 

The Edward Jenner Museum

Based in Berkeley, Gloucestershire, the Edward Jenner Museum is devoted to the life and achievements of the vaccination pioneer Edward Jenner - in whose former home it is based. Given his remarkable achievements, he may rightly be considered the founding father, or at the very least one of the founding fathers, of the science of Immunology. The museum contains a wealth of information and artefacts relating to Jenner's life, as well as further information about the science of vaccination. The institution has forged close links with, amongst others, the Wellcome Trust, the World Health Organization, and also the BSI. 


Visit MicrobiologyOnline for a whole host of facts about microbes and to find out how they interact with the body. Microbiology Online is the educational website of the Society for General Microbiology.


Visit the e-Bugs website for a fun filed tour of microbes and antibiotics. The website caters for primary and secondary school students and teachers in all of the EU's 27 languages. The website is run by the UK Health Protection Authority.  

ABPI Resources: Infectious Diseases

The ABPI have produced a wide range of interactive content for all ages on their education website. There are 5 modules in the infectious diseases section covering microbes, the immune system, diseases, medicines and a timeline of discoveries. The website also covers other areas relating to immunology including diabetes, cancer and stem cell research.


A developing resource targeted at secondary school students produced to support the Annual Schools Science Conferences and featuring a Virtual Laboratory Tour. In the tour, you are able to navigate, visiting various laboratories and meeting the people who work there - also learning about what happens in the different areas. Initially focusing on the Immunology laboratory, but envisaged as incorporating laboratories from other disciplines; including other healthcare areas with a scientific base. Find-out more about the Schools Science Conferences, read reports, review some presentations, take part in a quiz, and see videos from the last conference. 

Web of Stories

Watching and listening to a story can be an interesting and pleasurable experience. The Great Lives chanel of this new story telling website features stories from some of the scientific greats of the last 50 years. Listen to them talk about the discoveries they made, the people they met and some of the unexpected aspects of being a scientisit. A great resource for teaching or for those wanting to know more about a career in science. 


Initially developed for clinicians in South Africa to help them understand the immunological background to diseases particularly HIV. Immunopaedia is a web resource consisting of Clinical Cases, Immunology Learning, and Treatment and Diagnostics. With freely downloadable clear graphics and case study related questionnaires Immunopaedia provides an excellent learning resource for all.