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Your Amazing Immune System

Amazing Immune System 1

If you’ve ever wondered why you don’t get sick all the time, then this online book is for you. Providing a comprehensive guide to the what, where and how of the immune system.

Discover the different cells that make up the immune system, protecting us from the germs that are everywhere. Learn how they recognise and remember different germs, and find out how we can use this to protect us from infections through vaccination. 

Amazing Immune System 2

As well as looking at how the immune system protects us from germs, ‘Your Amazing Immune System’ explores what can go wrong and how this leads to diseases such as allergies and rheumatoid arthritis. Find out how scientists are using our own immune systems to treat cancer and develop new vaccines. 

This colourful and informative book is designed to help you understand what an amazing and fascinating thing our immune system is. It will take you on a guided tour exploring how the immune system protects our bodies.

‘Your Amazing Immune System’ is a valuable tool for both school and home education. While the content supports both the GCSE and A-level Biology curriculum, its pictorial nature makes it accessible to children of all ages.

Amazing Immune System 3

This book is available online complete with quizzes or as a PDF download (in over 15 languages) here: Your Amazing Immune System 

This book was created by the Japanese Society for Immunology and translated into English by the European Federation of Immunological Societies. It has been made freely available in the UK by the British Society for Immunology with financial support from Biotest. Amazing Immune System 4