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All about vaccines

At the British Society for Immunology, we aim to ensure that the public benefits from the successes of immunology. One of our priorities is to support the uptake of immunisations and to provide reliable information on vaccines and immunity to those who need or want it.

New parents and carers want the opportunity to have an informed discussion with experts about vaccines. For this reason, we have set up a new initiative - our Vaccine Ambassador Scheme. We will offer parents access to vaccine experts (immunologists). This may be in the setting of an antenatal class or a nursery, for example. Types of sessions with experts may range from one-to-one discussions to more informal group Q and As – whatever suits the parents best! We aim to help parents and carers feel more confident in making an informed decision about immunisations for their child. We aim to help grow immunity in our community.  Meet our vaccine ambassadors HERE

For any more information on vaccines or on our Vaccine Ambassador Scheme, please contact Jennie Evans


Vaccine Ambassador Scheme

NEW initiative where vaccine experts engage with the public about vaccines and immunity.

A guide to childhood immunisations

Learn more about vaccines in our immunisation guide.

To request printed copies, contact Erika Aquino


Check out our latest vaccine infographics to print out or share on social media!

Vaccine videos

Our short videos explain how vaccines work to protect you against disease